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Data recovery diagnostics

As we have mentioned, data recovery is a specialized service. Data Recovery is not performed by standard computer repair shops. Computer repair shops will not be able to provide details on a damaged hard drive. Data recovery diagnostics is a special procedure in assessing the damage on a failing hard drive.

Manipulating a failing hard drive with the wrong tools will damage the hard drive further and makes the data recovery harder. Data recovery sometimes is said to be a one time change in the process of retrieving the data.

A failing hard drive can die completely in the process of standard manipulation (such as trying to perform a data backup); this is as well  in the process of a standard data recovery diagnostics or in the process of an actual data recovery. Hard drives are very sensitive, depending on the failing component inside the hard drive determines a successful recovery or a complete disaster; especially when handled by an inexperienced technician or with the wrong  data recovery tools.

Data disaster can be prevented when the failure is detected on time during a correct data recovery diagnostics. At Disk Laboratory we perform our own data recovery diagnostics, in this process our engineers evaluate and assess the condition of the media.  Based on the result of their data recovery diagnostics, they  plan for the best method to proceed with the data recovery.

Hard Drive Diagnostics
Disk Laboratory does not accept third party's data recovery diagnostics.

Because accuracy is important, Disk Laboratory does not accept data recovery diagnostics performed by third party companies or individuals. Most third parties does not count with the appropriate tools or the knowledge to properly diagnose a failing hard drive. "The media may have been further damaged by the previous technician", that is why Disk Laboratory data recovery experts will perform a full diagnostics on every media that enters our Laboratory to properly identify the issues on the hard drive and recommend a proper data recovery procedure.

Disk Laboratory’s data recovery engineers will determine whether the media will be submitted to the clean room or data recovery can be performed via specialized software tools. When you need data recovery services, let our data recovery experts handle what is important to you.

When your data really matters, trust our data recovery experts. You have better changes of recovering your lost data with true data recovery experts than with any other service group.