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Do-it-yourself Data Recovery Software. Believe it or not, people do try these off the shelf data recovery software thinking they can save some money.

Even some computer repair shops have the nerve of trying these cheap do-it-yourself data recovery software. The questions are:

  • How much do you value your data?
  • Are you willing to have inexperienced hands to mess with your data?
  • Did you know that using the wrong tools can damage your media further and completely shreed the data?

Something to consider, how fragile hard drive internals are. Magnetic read write head of a failing hard drive can flip completely and will shred the hard drive surface. See the following mechanics of an internal hard drive.

Damaged Read Write Heads Read Write Heads

When the magnetic reading heads hits the surface, the magnetic read/write head can break on impact and will cause catastrophic data loss.

HDD Magnetic Read Write Detached Read Write Heads

Do it yourself data recovery software can ruin your hard drive and data.  Take a look at the surface of the following hard drive.

HDD Scratched Surface


Before you attempt using a third party off the shelf data recovery software. Make sure you understand data recovery can be a one time chance only. When the data is valuable leave it to data recovery experts, it is the most cost effective.

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