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Disk Laboratory Data Recovery Tools and Hard Drive Repair Tools focus on solving the problems which can't be solved by any third party data recovery software: bad Logic Boards/head stack, firmware corruption, damaged media/ surface on both SA and user area.


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Disk Laboratory provides cutting-edge data recovery service with proprietary data recovery tools and trained professional data recovery engineers who handles them.
This includes proprietary data recovery tools and class 100 clean rooms where the most sophisticated operation of data recovery is performed.

Our data recovery tools are not something that standard computer repair shops own. Standard computer repair shops are not trained to handle real data recovery issues.
Don't confuse data recovery with Data Backup; these two types of services are totally different. Data backup can only be performed on non damaged hard drives.

Listen to your computer technician, if they say "your computer has a bad hard drive"; then it is time to stop and start calling your preferred data recovery company. Disk Laboratory data recovery center is at your service when you need professional data recovery service. Do not hesitate to give us a call, speak to one of data recovery experts.


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For Security Reasons Our Main Clean rooms are no longer Accessible to the public. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.