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We have performed thousands of successful hard drive data recovery. If your hard drive suffered a crash, hard drive started making clicking noises, the hard drive was accidentally formatted or the hard drive suffered from power issues, we can help.

Hard drive data recovery requires technical knowledge. Inexperienced hands can damage the hard drive further reducing the chances for data recovery.

Hard drives are delicate, damaged magnetic reading head can cause the hard drive to scratch the surface of the disk beyond recovery.  

Inexperienced IT and Computer Technicians are great contributors in damaging the hard drive furter...because they don't know when to stop.

A faulty hard drive may die completely in the process of a single attempt of data recovery. The phylosophy in data recovery is " there is only one chance"; therefore when you do it the first time do it right or let the data recovery experts handle what is beyond your skills.

At Disk Laboratory we handle Hard Drive Data Recoveries:

  • We specialize in hard drive data recovery all brands models, interfaces, and configurations. With more than 12 years of professional experience in hard drive data recovery and specialized propriatarey data recovery tools.
  • We own state-of-the-art facilities, where hard drive data recovery is performed.  You can rest assured that your hard drive will be handled by the most experienced data recovery expert.
  • There is a small diagnostics fee for all hard drive data recoveries. The diagnostics fee will be applied towards the total price of the data recovery when you approve the data recovery service.
  • Why do we  charge a diagnostic fee for our hard drive data recovery service? IT managers and Computer repair shops are not qualified to handle data recovery issues. With frequency the media is further damaged when manipulated by non-data recovery experts.  Our data recovery engineers evaluates the condition of the hard drive and documents a proper procedure for the data recovery when approved by the customer.

- Hard drive data recovery diagnostics can not be performed over the phone, and Disk Laboratory will not provide technical support while talking to the customer but will recommend how to handle the media to prevent further damage.

  • Hard drives can be damaged further when forcing or manipulated with the wrong data recovery tools.
  • Technical inexperience can lead to catastrophic data loss.


Because of the above mentioned reasons Disk Laboratory Will not accept a diagnostics results performed by the customer or third party companies; even when customer has paid a diagnotic fee to the third party.

Disk Laboratory offers world leading solutions for hard drive data recovery and handles all types of damaged hard drives.

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Data recovery PATA Hard Drives

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Data recovery SAS

Disk Laboratory also performs data recovery on hard drive combinations of RAID, NAS, And Fibre Channel; Any Brand, Any Model.