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Data Recovery Partner Program

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Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Provide your customer the solution they need and make a difference in your business and your competitor.

Our data recovery partner programs will provide you a login ID to access our website, Providing you access, you monitor the status of the data recovery of orders you have submitted. Our agents will be working with you at all times, if you have questions let us know we can help.

Partner Program

Co-brand your business, be part of Disk Laboratory, Perform in-house data recovery service for customers around the clock. Your own facility, trademarked as Disk Laboratory; take advantage of all the tools and technology provided to you.

Reseller Program

Be the vendor, sell Data Recovery services at your own price, invoice the customer as your company and perform the data recovery service at Disk Laboratory; you are in control of your customers at all time.


Affiliate Program

Your referral will build a lucrative commission payable to you as an individual or company for all completed data recovery projects. Place your customers in the most capable hands of data recovery experts, let us perform the data recovery and deliver the solution the customer expects.


Disk Laboratory
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Disk Laboratory
For Security Reasons Our Main Clean rooms are no longer Accessible to the public
. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.