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Data Recovery Storage Devices

Disk Laboratory performs data recovery on Major brand of storage devices, technologies and operating systems including Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Novell...Be assured that your media is handled only by the experts.



Our engineers perform data recovery of lost data from all types of servers, and attached storage devices.

We have saved our clients thousands, even million of dollars, with our technique in recovering lost data minimizing downtime in returning servers to full operation status with their valuable business data. Our data recovery solutions is delivered on by specialized data recovery engineers with years and years of experience.

Network Storage  

Disk Laboratory perform data recovery on Network Attached Storage devices of most popular vendors, also known as NAS. The most common reasons for data loss on NAS are file deletion, NAS re-configuration, hardware failure or failed software installation such as firmware updates. When the unexpected happens, no worries our engineers can recover your inaccessible data from any NAS storage device.


Laptops suffer the most frequent data loss because of their mobility. Our engineers at Disk Laboratory perform data recovery on laptop hard drives quite more often than any other storage media. If you are hearing noise from the hard drive or getting a cycle of blue screen, an IO or S.M.A.R.T error. This means your hard drive is about to die. With scenarios like this, you need help from a data recovery expert and not from a repair shop. About 60% of severe damages are caused by computer repair shops good intention in helping their customers to retrieve the data. Do not let the inexperienced hand to mess with your data, let the data recovery experts handle what is meant to be for them.

At our Disk Laboratory, our engineers performs data recovery on laptop hard drives on a daily basis; With our knowledge and expertise, your hard drive is in the best hands.

Flash Drives  

We successfully recover data from different types of removable media.

USB flash drives are also known as thumb drive, pen drive. These are solid state memory; even though these drives are more reliable than standard hard drives they still fail. USB flash drives commonly fails due to its portability. when a user lose access to the stored data the user most likely will turn to their local computer repair shop, just to find out that the computer repair shop can not handle their data recovery.

Customers should call the data recovery experts if the stored content is very valuable. Flash drives are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and power spikes. What is the possibility of recovering your lost data? Only data recovery experts can handle your data recovery. Disk Laboratory provides data recovery for USB flash drives, the engineers retrieves the lost information safe and quickly and you will be in business in no time.

MP3 Player  

Who don't love MP3 players, from data to videos, they can store it all; but when something goes wrong...It must be recovered right?
It doesn't matter what operating system you used to upload your music, whether you used a Mac computer, Windows, Linux Disk Laboratory can recover your music. Our Data recovery solutions provide worry free with the data recovery experts at your service.

digital Camera  

Lost Pictures? Our engineers have the ability and techniques to recover all kind of digital file formats from memory sticks to compact flash. This includes photo recovery, video recovery. With Netocontrol Disk Laboratory, you will not lose those precious moments. Our data recovery Experts can retrieve your lost data. Nothing that is lost is ever lost!


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. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.