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Hard drive wipe
Hard drive sanitization

Ever wondering how to completely erase sensitive data off your old hard drives?  Why would you want to erase data from your old drives?  With frequency, individuals and companies use this service to protect their privacy and sensitive data. Is that You? Maybe; it really depends on how sensitive is the data you handle.

Companies quite often upgrade their computers to  support larger hard drives, depending on the size of the company there may be hundreds of hard drives or computers that may be turned out to be auctioned or reused in other departments, sold or given to charity organization.

Is your company being caution in handling the proper security measure in the transition of the computer maintenance and upgrade? Is it safe to deliver your old storage media to a stranger?

Believe it or not many IT managers do not take the necessary precaution in protecting the company's privacy. Quite often sensitive data is leaked out and is discovered when it is too late. IT managers learn this the hard way.  Considering that sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business, property or reputation, or lead to civil and criminal liability.

Don't Let this happen to you. When you need complete privacy and total security Labs got you covered. You need secure data wipe also known as Disk Sanitization. Disk Sanitization is the process of total elimination of sensitive data from storage devices. Standard format and normal delete does not eliminate the data from the storage media. With specialized technique data recovery can be easily performed on deleted and formatted hard drives.

For total elimination of data on storage devices, you need disk sanitization service. Disk Sanitization is a specialized service offered by specialized data recovery companies. Labs offer secure data wipe and sanitization, same serviced used by the Department of Defense (DOD).

Hard Disk Wipe

Disk Laboratory can guarantee your privacy. Our data wipe service is measured by the DOD standards. When you use our secure data wipe service, your storage device is certified with total privacy. Letter of certification for secure digital data wipe is issued by Disk Laboratory giving you that peace of mind you deserve.

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Advanced Data Recovery Solutions

Disk Laboratory offers advanced data recovery solutions. Hard drive data recovery is one of the most common operations at our disk laboratory. Hard drive data recovery is at the core of our expertise, and our data recovery experts will not stop working on your project until they have recovered your lost data or have exausthed all possibilities.

Hard Drive Recovery Our advanced data recovery solutions is the ultimate data recovery service. Top notch special agents (True data recovery experts) perform data recovery on catastrophic data loss in a controlled environment - Class 100 clean rooms.

We have successfully performed data recoveries from severely damaged and crashed hard drives, including those previously manipulated by computer repair shops and our direct competition.

Our data recovery Expert engineers handles your media with sensitiveness and care, working around the clock as fast as they can to provide you solutions that really matters, your data recovery.

Through our advanced data recovery solutions, we have saved valuable data for clients ranging from private individuals to Fortune 500 corporations. Solution providers in the technology arena trust Disk Laboratory when they need hard drive data recovery. IT Professionals knows that we can deiver the results they expect when they need data recovery service.

Data Recovery Solutions


Disk Laboratory
 3210 W. 59th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Tel. 213-293-3939 (Free Parking)

For Security Reasons Our Main Clean rooms are no longer Accessible to the public. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Pen Drive / Memory Stick / USB Flash Drive / Pocket Drive / Thumb Drive / Jump Drive / Keychain Drive / USB Drive Data Recovery

USB Data RecoveryFlash drive data recovery is as complicated as recovering data from a hard drive, but our experienced data recovery engineers can recover all lost missing data files and folders from your crashed and corrupted flash drive.

Disk Laboratory data recovery engineers handle any brand of USB Pen drive, Memory stick, Thumb Drive, Compact Drive, Memory stick, Smart Drive and flash memory of compact flash, multimedia card, secure digital card, smart media and other flash media drives.

Our data recovery engineers can recover data lost due to software virus attack, damaged file system, hardware malfunctioning, improper shutdown. No matter what Operating System was used to originally formatted the drive, Windows 7, Windows VISTA, XP, NT, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, Linux, Mac, Unix, Solaries.




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Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Solid State Drives (SSD) These hard drives use special kind of semiconductor devices with erasable, writable cells of high storage capacity and currently being used in Laptop Computers, digital cameras and camcorders.

SSD Data Recovery

Because Solid State Drives has no mechanical components, data is not lost in the same ways as in a standard mechanical hard drive. Solid State Drives are affected in different ways depending on factors such as:  The firmware that makes it operational, the physical construction of the solid state drive, where and how the drive is installed in the host for data storage. The operating system installed, virus infectons etc.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery Are Chanllenging

Why data recovery on solid state drives are chanllenging? Solid state drives are manufactured by many companies and each brand of solid state drive has its own propriatary softwate firmware. Keeping in mind that firmware is pure software and this software will determine and handle the type of virtual file system that will be created to run an operating system or simply to store data.

Now that we know this...we also know that some software are written better than others and from time to time there are updates to the software that corrects issues that arise during the lifespan of the solid state drive.  Due to the firmware...solid state drive data recovery can be very chanllenging.


Solid state drive data recovery experts at practice

Due to the propriatary software firmware on solid state drives, data recovery experts relies on information provided by the solid state drive manufacturer. The truth and the fact is that information provided by these solid state drive manufacturers are sometimes misinformation, outdated or they are not willing to provide details at all.

How Laboratory Data Recovery Experts overcome these factors? Because of the lack of information, Data Recovery Experts are quite often performing reverse engineering to learn the inside and detailed specifics of solid state drives.  The finding of our Data Recovery Experts are safeguarded in detailed documentations for our eyes and brains only.


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Mac Data Recovery

We've heard people say that mac never fails. We always try to make people feel better regardless of what they believe.   And you, what is the reason for you to be reading this page? In search for mac data recovery experts?

What Disk Laboratory can offer you for your mac data recovery?

Disk Laboratory has true data recovery experts. When mechanical problems occur or accidents happen while handling your mac computer we have the solution you need. We offer worry free mac data recovery service whether you have a bad hard drive, deleted file by accident, formatted the hard drive...

When searching for mac data recovery, look no further our data recovery experts can bring those lost files back to life.

Mac Data Recovery

Professional Mac Data Recovery


Our Data recovery engineers can recover lost data from corrupt, lost or deleted Mac HFS, HFS+ Volumes. Our data recovery engineers can retrieve your lost or deleted photos, music, movies and more.


We can retrieve data from failing hard drive that is no longer accessible by normal means on your Mac computer.


  • Data recovery from HFS & HFS+ partition of Apple Mac systems.
  • Mac partition recovery,
  • Mac data recovery on deleted partition
  • Mac data recovery for formatted logical volumes
  • Mac data recovery from Missing folders
  • Mac data recovery after it emptied from Mac trash.
  • Mac data recovery after reinstall the Mac OS.
  • Recover data after Mac partitions has been resized, recreated or split.
  • File recovery even if the files were physically deleted from Mac drives.
  • We handle drive technology on all IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, ZIP & USB disk devices.

Disk Laboratory performs data recovery on failing mac hard drives. Call our data recovery experts today to help you get started on your mac data recovery. Ship your drive or mac computer to our data recovery laboratory to get started on a data recovery diagnostics. When the data recovery diagnostics is completed our data recovery experts will provide you details on the result and how to proceed in completing the data recovery.