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Losing data can be a very bad experience when it happens; at Disk Laboratory we understand our customer's pain and frustration. We don't believe any user should go through this experience, but when it happens you need reliable data recovery service.
Don't be harsh on yourself. You have to believe this, even the most experienced computer user, computer technicians and computer engineers experience data loss at some point. External devices used for backups also goes bad, in fact it is more often that data backup devices dies, but when the data is important look for reliable dat recovery service provider who can help you and not a standard computer repair shop.

Only reliable data recovery service is provided by true data recovery experts and not by standard computer repair shop. Computer repair shops will try with their best intention to help you out but most of the time they just worsen the situation. Ask yourself, can you afford to have an inexperienced hand mess with your data? If the answer is no, then look for reliable data recovery service provided only by true data recovery experts with the right tools and experienced data recovery engineers.

When you need data recovery service, you need reliable data recovery service that means the best people. You need the engineers with the experience and the right data recovery tools; Disk Laboratory offers you that. In fact many computer repair shops send their customer's hard drive to our Laboratory for data recovery.

Disk Laboratory is the source! We are the Data Recovery Doctors and we are going to do whatever is on our ability to help you, with your data recovery. Let us put it this way, we are the surgeons, we will perform that heart transplant, we will perform that brain surgery... when you need a service like that, you don't go to your general practice doctor, are you? Therefore when you need data recovery service, Disk Laboratory will always be there for you.


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For Security Reasons Our Main Clean rooms are no longer Accessible to the public. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.