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Ever wondering how to completely erase sensitive data off your old hard drives?  Why would you want to erase data from your old drives?  With frequency, individuals and companies use this service to protect their privacy and sensitive data. Is that You? Maybe; it really depends on how sensitive is the data you handle.

Companies quite often upgrade their computers to  support larger hard drives, depending on the size of the company there may be hundreds of hard drives or computers that may be turned out to be auctioned or reused in other departments, sold or given to charity organization.

Is your company being caution in handling the proper security measure in the transition of the computer maintenance and upgrade? Is it safe to deliver your old storage media to a stranger?

Believe it or not many IT managers do not take the necessary precaution in protecting the company's privacy. Quite often sensitive data is leaked out and is discovered when it is too late. IT managers learn this the hard way.  Considering that sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business, property or reputation, or lead to civil and criminal liability.

Don't Let this happen to you. When you need complete privacy and total security Labs got you covered. You need secure data wipe also known as Disk Sanitization. Disk Sanitization is the process of total elimination of sensitive data from storage devices. Standard format and normal delete does not eliminate the data from the storage media. With specialized technique data recovery can be easily performed on deleted and formatted hard drives.

For total elimination of data on storage devices, you need disk sanitization service. Disk Sanitization is a specialized service offered by specialized data recovery companies. Labs offer secure data wipe and sanitization, same serviced used by the Department of Defense (DOD).

Hard Disk Wipe

Disk Laboratory can guarantee your privacy. Our data wipe service is measured by the DOD standards. When you use our secure data wipe service, your storage device is certified with total privacy. Letter of certification for secure digital data wipe is issued by Disk Laboratory giving you that peace of mind you deserve.

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