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Servers are critical system for many business to continue their daily operation. What happens when a system server fails? A couple of hours of uninterrupted business can cause companies and business owners to lose thousands of dollars.

Obviously, you as a business owner or IT manager want to get on track in the shortest time frame possible. In that case you need the most experienced server data recovery experts.

Disk Laboratory understand how crucial it is when you lose your business information, that is why as soon as you contact us, we assign an agent to your case and will follow up from every single step of the way until we have successfully completed your server data recovery.

The data recovery engineers at our Disk Laboratory, can recover lost data from File servers, Web server, Network attached storage (NAS) and any other network related devices.

Our data recovery engineers will not stop until they have successfully completed your data recovery or have exhausted all the options. What exactly does this mean? This technicaly impies that if we can not recover your data, we believe that no one else will!

How Server Data Recovery Performed?
Disk Laboratory performs server data recovery on every brand name of servers. Everyone knows that even servers manufacturers rely on other part makers, in general all hard drives in computer systems are made by different vendors. It is the configuration and technology implemented by the IT manager that makes the server a server.

It is our job to know servers. Disk Laboratory knows servers like no one else. In our business of data recovery we have data recovery engineers with who knows and are trained in all types of server technology and architecture... We handle any type of servers and RAID configuration.

Our data recovery engineers knows the in and out of file system and operating System. Disk Laboratory infrastructure counts with technology that supports Linux data recovery , Unix data recovery, Windows data recovery, BSD data recovery, FreeBSD data recovery, Solaris data recovery, and more.

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For Security Reasons Our Main Clean rooms are no longer Accessible to the public. All projects are now handled at our Western and Venice location; only severely damaged media will be transfered if more sophisticated operation is required.